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Pogo Account suspended Get the best help for you with US

My Pogo! Games Account was recently deactivated, blocking me from any access to my Games messages, contacts, or calender. After a little leg work I was able to get the account back without any loss of the data. Here are some answers to questions that I initially had, and how I went about getting my account reactivated.

Why Was My Account Suspended?
Most likely you violated your Terms of Service (TOS) agreement with Pogo!. Remember, under your TOS agreement your account can be shut down at anytime regardless of the circumstances. In my case, I believe that it was a chain Games that I had forwarded to receipients that were on an Games that was forwarded to me. The Pogo! network considered me to be “spamming” other members so they shut down my account.

Pogo reactivate membership

How Do I Get My Account Back?

Pogo! does not make this information readily available on their website, but after digging around I found two ways that you can contact them to ask for an appeal and have your suspended account reactivated.

1) You can call 1-866-850-4303 to speak directly with an Account Verification Representative (open 6am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time).

2) You can fill out the form at this link to ask for an appeal of your account’s deactivation via Games.

You may have to contact them more then once. Keep trying if they don’t reactivate your account the first time, if you believe you didn’t violate the TOS. Always be curteous when speaking with an associate, or in your Games correspondence. They’ll be more likely to help you if you are pleasant to talk with.

I opted for option 2 and received a response (and an apology Games) within 24 hours. Remember account deactivations can happen at anytime, and it is a good idea to store your Games contacts in another Games account so that you have a back-up should you loose access to your primary account. The same goes for account holders with Gmail, Hotmail, and other free Games service providers as well. Gool luck and let me know if I can answer any more of your questions.


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