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Best Board Games for Kids Who Spend Too Much Time Online

"You should come over for game night; I've got a great new Social Deduction/Area Control RPG with added Deck Building and Worker Placement mechanics. But with a bit of a Commodity Speculation twist. You'll love it!"
We are lucky enough to live in The Golden Age of Board Games, which are Trendier Than Ever. Whatever type of game you're looking for, there's something fun and creative out there for you. There are probably dozens or even hundreds of new games vying for your attention in any given category.
It can get a bit overwhelming, especially when trying to describe a game to a friend. Was it an Area Control Game or an Area Enclosure Game? What's the difference between a Deck Building Game and a Card Collecting Game, anyway? The lines can get blurry, to say the least.
It's easy to divide and sub-divide these categories to an incredibly detailed level of nuance. Some people separate Game Mechanics from Game Themes or Categories, and there are valid reasons to do that. Not in this list.
Here at Nonstop Tabletop, we like simplicity. That's why we're providing you with the definitive list of the types of board games that all tabletop players should be familiar with. No fat, no filler, just a distilled list of the major board game categories.

What Are The Major Board Game Types?

Roll and Move Games involve rolling dice (or spinning a wheel or drawing cards) to determine the number of spaces you may move in a primarily linear direction. Players may be racing from a start point to a finish line or moving to control resources. Either way, what you roll plays a large role in whether you win or lose.

Think the majority of the "Classic" Board Games: Monopoly, Clue, Sorry!, Candyland, The Game of Life (shudder). This type of game has fallen out of favor in a major way in recent years, in large part due to luck playing a much larger role than strategy. Though there are still some excellent recent examples of this category, such as Camel Up or The Magic Labyrinth, think of this one as the silent film of the Board Gaming world: it may be fun to revisit from time to time, but times have changed and overall quality has simply improved.


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