Hyper Casual Games

Game targeted at a more niche audience of hobbyist gamer. Casual games may exhibit any type of game play and genre.

A casual game is a video game targeted at a wide, mass market audience, as opposed to a hardcore game, which is a game targeted at a more niche audience of hobbyist gamers. Casual games may exhibit any type of gameplay and genre. They generally have simpler rules, shorter sessions, and less learned skill than hardcore games.

Countless casual games have been developed and published, alongside hardcore games, across the history of video games. A concerted effort to capitalize on casual games grew in the 1990s and 2000s, as many developers and publishers branded themselves as casual game companies, publishing games especially for personal computers, web browsers, and, after 2007, smartphones.

Most casual games have:

  • Fun, simple gameplay that is easy to understand
  • Simple user interface, operated with a mobile phone tap-and-swipe interface or a one-button mouse interface
  • Short sessions, so a game can be played during work breaks, while on public transportation, or while waiting in a queue anywhere
  • Often, familiar visual elements, like playing cards or a Match 3 grid of objects

    • Casual games generally cost less than hardcore games, as part of their strategy to acquire as many players as possible.Any game monetization method can be used, from retail distribution to free-to-play to ad-supported.

      The term hyper casual game or "instant game" arose in 2017 to describe extremely easy-to-learn games that require no download, being played in an existing app like a web browser or messaging app, and that usually monetize by showing advertisements to the player


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