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Academic Effects of Video Game Playing on Children

When is staring into a screen for hours entertainment - and when is it a problem? Published in Leadership for Student Activities

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Pogo.com is an online gaming website that has hundreds of fun games for members to choose from. Pogo.com has card games, arcade games, word puzzles, classic board games and casino games. If you are a member of the Pogo.com community, you can win prizes from the site


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Best Board Games for Kids Who Spend Too Much Time Online

It can get a bit overwhelming, especially when trying to describe a game to a friend. Was it an Area Control Game or an Area Enclosure Game?

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Welcome to board games Daily Discussion and Game Recommendations

Any questions about game design can be answered here

Hyper Casual Games

Game targeted at a more niche audience of hobbyist gamer. Casual games may exhibit any type of game play and genre.

Casual games generally cost less than hardcore games, as part of their strategy to acquire as many players as possible.Any game magnetization method can be used

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Do Dice Play God by Ian Stewart, review: six ages of uncertainty

Look back over major events since the turn of the millennium and it is hard to escape the conclusion that the world we live in is a slave to chance. Recent history is a long list of no-one-saw-that-comings